This is easy, if you have been on the diet just eat as you have been. I know it can be hard and there are a lot of things you want to eat but cheating is cheating.

Keep strong and do your best!

If you do cheat (we all have) DO NOT OVER DO IT! Just take one little piece and enjoy it.  You have to know you are cheating and know that doing it to much could really set you back.

Easter is a great time to start the HCG Diet!

If you are NOT on the HCG diet yet, this is a GREAT time to start!  This way you can eat all you want this weekend and know you are sticking to the HCG diet.

If you do not know, when starting the HCG diet there is two days where you should eat more than normal.  This is called the loading phase of the diet.

Happy Easter!


What to eat on easter with hcg diet?

One thought on “What to eat on easter with hcg diet?

  1. HCG drops really work! I’ve met people who use them successfully, and I’ve read a bunch about them. Give ’em a shot!

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