It is sad to say but most do not work well or even at all, see a lot of health stores buy HCG diet drops in bulk from companies that should not be making drops and then turn around and sell them for a profit.

In most cases the problems I see with HCG drops at health stores is they are water based and this gives the HCG drops a VERY short shelf life, so even the ones that are good turn bad very fast.

I had a female fried that got drops for a health store and this was her second time doing the HCD diet and she ended up stopping after doing the diet for only a week and a half.

Reasons for stopping the diet

  • Slow and next to NO weight loss
  • Getting headaches
  • Made her start her menstrual cycle 2 weeks early
  • False sings of being pregnant

As you see this is some stuff that people should NOT have to deal with and it is some basic signs that you have got drops that are not good, if you have any signs like this please stop the diet and get good drops.

Buying from a trusted site like us is about the best way to make sure you are getting HCG drops with having. We not only test brands but would never make drops available to you if they did not meet our strict guide lines.

Why dont major brands get sold in stories?

There is no way to trust or know that the product is being kept in the right type of environment and that the end use is being given the best information to do the HCG diet. So ordering online is really the best way to go!

If you are looking to buy HCG diet drops please pate a look at our Buy HCG page or at the featured brand at the top of the site, yes they cost a little more than you may pay at a health store but you and I both know your health is worth the extra money.



Do over the counter hcg drops work?

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