The last couple of days

The last couple of days

My last few days have been a bit tiresome. It hasn’t been the diet so much. It has been the exercising. My boyfriend and I decided to go for a 7 mile walk one night and a shorter last night. I know you are not supposed to exercise too much on the diet, but it makes me feel better.

Last night we had a really good dinner. We had stuffed peppers. We measured the ground beef (93% lean) and put the appropriate amounts in the bell pepper. We also added some vegetables in the mix for taste. We normally use this one chili verde sauce that has 0 calories and 0 sugar. It really is good with that on top! Well, we are slow, so we forgot. The stuffed pepper actually looks like a lot of food while you are on the diet. :) So, it is perfect, lol. I did cave and ate an oreo before dinner. I was just SO hungry and my boyfriend wanted to talk a lot after we got home.  LOL. After we had dinner, we had some sugar free candy. If you want some really good candy, there are these Jolly Rancher sugar free candies and they have 35 calories for 4 pieces. We should have picked up some before I ate the oreo.

OH, if you like sweets, they have sugar free jello at El Super (if you live in the Las Vegas, NV area) that has only 5 calories per serving. It even tastes better than the 10 calorie name brand jello.

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