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Easy HCG

Easy HCG is a brand of HCG drops offered by the parent company Health Direct Labs, which is located in the United States. The company claims that its products will allow dedicated consumers to lose a pound every day. Health Direct Labs states the product allows for such effective weight loss because the drops force the body to use stored fat for energy. For the best results, the company provides specific diet criteria and a limited caloric intake that must be followed. Health Direct Labs even claims that the money saved on food consumption during the process may cause the Easy HCG to be “free” for consumers.

Easy HCG is used by placing a drop under the tongue on a daily basis. The drops, combined with a strict diet, promote the loss of one to two pounds daily. Health Direct Labs also provides unlimited telephone support for its customers. Dieters can get expert advice on the drops, food consumption or exercise. They can also call for support with the dieting process. In addition to the telephone line, Easy HCG also has a Facebook page where dieters gather to share success stories and cheer for each other. The company makes informational posts and answers questions from time to time on the page.


  • Easy HCG is manufactured in the USA with FDA approved facility with the highest of quality control standards
  • Targed fat loss in areas of the body that have access accumulated fat deposits.
  • Fast results. Fast may be an understatement, If you are trying to lose 20-30 lbs, you can very realistically accomplish this in just 2-4 weeks on the diet.
  • When you have lost weight, you are more likely to lead an active lifestyle, taking and walk instead of sitting on the couch makes you more likely to take control over your long term health
  • Many sleep related issues are caused by obesity. You will rest easier when you within a more ideal weight class.
  • your exercise will go further when you are taking HCG drops, targeting hard to lose fat becomes much easier.
  • Don’t feel hungry, which is one of the reasons many people crash and burn on a diet.
  • HCG is an all-natural substance. The body makes HCG so it has zero side effects
  • HCG drops strengthens your immune system
  • Helps you take control of your long term weight loss goals
  • Safe for men and woman. Many couples or family members choose to go on this diet together

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