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DIY HCG (Do It Yourself HCG)


HCG drops are sweeping the nation as the best way to lose weight quickly and safely. The natural HCG hormone is released at its peak during times of pregnancy. The hormone in effect tells the body that instead of conserving the energy and turning it into fat when a body produces the energy from calories, it should instead turn it into energy to feed to the parts of the body that are in need and eat away at the fat. This is the dieter’s dream: no longer is one forced to starve him or herself in order to lose weight, the body will naturally eat the fat as energy instead of looking first at how much food is in the body and convert the leftovers into fat.

DIY HCG is a plan that intends to help its users do just that; quickly and efficiently turn excess fat into excess energy, which will make them less hungry and have the body eating a different source than just the food. The natural factor of the hormone being something that the body naturally produces is something that ensures that the body is already ready for it.


The DIY HCG package is one of the most affordable packages on the market. Whereas injections and other similar procedures usually run anywhere from $700 to $1000, a set of DIY HCG drops that do not require injection and are instead taken orally can last from 30 to 40 days. This is long enough for most people to lose between 30 and 80 pounds (at the standard rate of 1-2 pounds per day). All of this is available from the DIY HCG set at only about $75, which is very competitive; even the cheapest HCG drops will usually be somewhere in the $90 to $110 range.

It is recommended when on the DIY HCG diet to eat about 500 calories per day. Certainly this doesn’t seem like much, yet most DIY HCG users report that as a result of the DIY HCG drops they do not feel hungry or tired, they have simply given their bodies a chance to live off of all that energy (fat) that they’ve been storing up all those years.

The DIY HCG package has a few unique offerings in that it comes with more than just the diet drops alone. When you’re buying DIY HCG you’re buying more than just the drops, you’re really buying the whole plan laid out for exactly what anyone would need to do in order to lose from one to two pounds of fat per day.

With the DIY HCG set comes a roadmap outlining exactly what someone should eat and what they should do to make sure that they are not only losing the desired weight but are remaining healthy in doing so. This generally means consuming a lot of vitamins in order to replace the vitamins that normally one would consume via caloric intake. Overall consumers agreed that DIY HCG is a fairly solid starter set for HCG products, although there may be better products on the market.

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