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HCG Brands – HCG Diet Review

Looking to buy HCG diet drops, but not really sure what HCG brands to be looking for? We are going to go over a few that we feel are at the top of the list in quality.

 HCG brans we will cover and review

  1. HCG EZ Drops (Read Review)                                             *BUY NOW*
  2. HCG 1234 (Read Review)                                                     *BUY NOW*
  3. Easy HCG (Read Review)                                                     *BUY NOW*
Not in our top running, but worth looking at
  1. DIY HCG (Do It Yourself HCG)                                       *BUY NOW*

Are all HCG brands the same?

No, not all HCG brands are the same. In fact, some brands can hurt you and will not allow you to lose weight.

There are a lot of factors that can change when making and shipping HCG that play a big part in the product.  First and most important, is making sure your drops are made in an FDA approved lab, so that you can rest assured you are not getting a health product that was not made in an unhealthy way.  Some HCG drops are held in storage for too long or overheated. These damaged products are then shipped directly to the consumer.

You will also want to make sure  that the drops you are getting are really HCG! I know this sounds odd, but there have been a few companies trying to sell nothing but flavored water.

Which  HCG brand  is the best to buy?

To tell the truth, this is a lot like asking what sports car is the best. It all depends on who you ask.  We fully believe the HCG drops in the top ads are the best.

When we look for the best drops to provide you with, we look at many different factors such as:

  • FDA approved
  • Containing HCG
  • Good track record
  • Factory to shipping time
  • Water vs Alcohol
  • Price
  • And a lot more!

As I am sure you can see, when recommending a good HCG brand, we really care about your health and wellness above all. If you do not see the brand here or on our review page, the odds are, we do not feel that they are worth buying.

 When purchasing HCG online, how much do I order?

This all depends on how much weight you wish to lose and how long you plan to be on the HCG diet.  Think ahead to how much weight you want to lose.

Every brand of HCG and distributor is not the same, so it is hard to give a solid time line on how fast you will be shipped your order of HCG drops.  Many of the main distributor’s that we review will ship you your order in 24 hours and offer free shipping as well.

We will be adding full reviews of the brands we review and will let you know there about the shipping time and cost.

Should I buy injectable HCG online?

Some people think getting HCG shots are the best way to go, they have been around for a long time and are the original way to take the HCG diet.

As it stands now we will not review any HCG product that you must take by getting shots. Here are some reasons we can not at this time promote shots and say they are a good way to do the HCG diet.

1: Cost, any shots worth taking will cost you over 10 times what drops will and must be given to you by a doctor.

2: Convenience, there is nothing good about giving yourself a shot every day

3: Shots go bad a lot faster and cant just be kept with you where ever you go

  1.  HCG brans we will cover and review

    1. HCG EZ Drops (Read Review)                                             *BUY NOW*
    2. HCG 1234 (Read Review)                                                     *BUY NOW*
    3. Easy HCG (Read Review)                                                     *BUY NOW*
    Not in our top running, but worth looking at
    1. DIY HCG (Do It Yourself HCG)                                       *BUY NOW*

HCG EZ Drops

Buy Your HCG Drops Now!  Buy 1 Bottle Of HCG Diet Drops

Buy 1 Bottle Of HCG EZ Drops

You will get:

  • 1 single 20oz bottle of pure HCG diet drops
  • Member area subscription
  • A fast start guide
  • Weight Tracker
  • lose 1 to 2 pounds a day!

Say good-bye to the extra weight you have been carrying around, and hello to HCG EZ Drops! HCG EZ Drops are a very good brand and the company is focused on providing 100% customer satisfaction when you become a customer of theirs.

Not only do they offer a great product at a great price but they also offer phone support to help track orders and get advice.

Read our full review for HCG EZ Drops


HCG 1234


Easy HCG


DIY HCG (Do It Yourself HCG)

DIY is not one of your normal HCG sites, from their site you are able to buy such things as, drinks, spices, book’s,  and much more.

Not only do they offer all of the aboded, they do also carry HCG drops as well.   This is an all in one stop for shopping for your HCG diet drops and products.

Read our full review on DIY HCG HERE



HCG Brands

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