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    If you check out our Facebook Page you will see we shared a link the other day and I am going to be doing a few form post to talk about what was said there.

    I am breaking this up to different post, because SO much was said that is just wrong and a lie I feel the need to get a few facts about the HCG dit.

    First we are going to talk about ordering HCG drops online.

    This is a quote from this post.

    “First let’s talk financially. The average cost of a 21-day cycle of hCG is $450. When I think of all the fruits and veggies a person could buy at that price, I wonder why anyone would choose differently. Healthy weight loss should not break the bank.”

    This is a classic case of miss information and poor research! Most of all it is only half true and in 90% of the time people try the HCG diet they are paying much less.

    This is the different between HCG Drop and HCG injections.

    HCG injections can cost $100 to $500 dollars depending on the doctor, brand where you but the injections.

    HCG Drops can cost you from $30 to $120 for a 30 day supply, but his also depends on the brand and where you get your drops from.

    As you see, giving a solid price to doing the HCG/500 calorie diet is not soming you can just say it will cost you so much, while we have drops for $60 someone may want to try shots and have to pay more.

    Seeing that we offer proven HCG diet drops for $60 for a 30 day supply we will have to stick with that and a base of how much it should cost you to do the diet.

    The point is, people need to do research before posting information and talking bad about such a diet, not only that people need to know about a diet and maybe test it out before talking about it.

    I have never tried the Jenny Craig diet so I can not really say much about it, but I have done the HCG diet 2 times, once with HCG drops from this site and then testing drops from another company .

    I would also like to give a big thank you to a lady by the name of “Sonia E Russell” as she shared the post on her page and was first to stand up and tell the anther of the post that she was wrong.

    Thanks Sonia E Russell!!

    Now, if you are looking to do the 500, 800 or 1000 calorie diet, please take a look at the ads above and get your 30 day supply of HCG diet Drops for only $60!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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