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    Margaret M

    I am on 2nd 3 weeks maintenance phase. I like an occaisional adkins candy bar. It has approximately 13 carbs per serving, 3 sugars, lots of protein, and some dietary fiber. My question is , when on the adkins diet you subtract the sugar alcohols, dietary fiber etc which leaves you with 2-3 carbs per serving. Would peoplp who are watching their carbs no matter what diet they are on, still use that rule of thumb??? Please help. Also how many carbs should be eaten a day to be healthy but to not gain weight? I plan to stay away from sugar and starch forever but I know carbs are also important. Help??? Margaret


    Yes, on the maintenance phase you are going to be fine using the adkins diet treats.

    As to how many carbs you should eat, I say stick to the normal amount for your height and weight. :)

    the goal is to get to a normal eating habit and just eating all around healthy.

    Margaret, just keep in mind that diets are to lose weight and get to your goal weight. After any diet you should have to goal of getting to a normal eating pattern and stop doing what so many of us (even me) have done to put on the extra weight. We just need to eat healthy and stop over doing it. :)

    Sorry for the late reply, the holiday season has left us very busy and a lot of us away from out computers for some time. :) Hope you have a GREAT 4th of July!!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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