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Will I gain weight back after taking the HCG Deit?

After taking the hcg diet you will find a few things have changes since you started.

  1. You will look and feel better
  2. Your appetite will of changed for the better
  3. You will be able to eat less and be full
  4. You will no longer crave the fast/fat food that helped you get over weight
  5.  Most of all, not that you are in better shape you will want to keep it off and will find yourself more willing to work out

You see, I know many people are like me when it came to the gaining of their weight. It all started with the small things and lead up to just being lazy.

We start eating more than we should and start eating the wrong foods most of the nights. Well after being on the HCG diet for a month you really start losing the appetite for fast food and start enjoying eating healthy.

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Stay healthy!

HCG Diet Team

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