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How can hormones which are usually produced in the human harm your body?


How can hormones which are usually produced in the human harm your body? It is weird and strange if someone said that there is any negative effect after the usage of HCG drops to their body. So what is the main problem about the controversial actually? Because you want to order HCG drops right now. I think I should tell you the truth about why the usage of HCG for diet and weight loss program has become controversial nowadays?

After you read the explanation, perhaps you may make a more objective decision whether you still want to order HCG drops or not. But in my personal opinion, it will not influence your opinion and decision if you really want to have a successful weight loss and you have a great desire to have an ideal body weight and shape.

First we should know exactly what HCG is and what is the meaning of HCG diet? HCG Diet is a weight loss process by injecting the hormone in pregnant women to avoid excess weight after giving birth. The term HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a hormone produced by the developing embryo and the placenta during pregnancy. During pregnancy, mothers have given more calories to the fetus. Then, the HCG diet will help pregnant women to curb their appetite so they will still skinny after they are giving birth. In fact,  HCG diet is not a new invention in this era. HCG Diet had been known and it was popular in the 1970’s. In addition to their intake of injection of HCG, a person can also receive it through pills or drops.

Although HCG is a safe solution for weight loss programs because it is an all-natural, organic substance. But there is some certain condition that you can’t use HCG drops to help the people to lose their overweight problems. HCG Diet is one kind of fat diet which is not recommended for those who have diabetes, hypertension, renal impairment, anxious, stressed prostate, breast, uterus, and other health problems. Because this diet basically limits a person’s daily calories to be very small and it can harm the people who have this condition.

HCG alters the way the body can store and distribute fat. And it also tells your body to pull nourishment from stored fat. Honestly the principle of the HCG’s work will be the same as it works to the pregnant woman. It will recalibrate human’s body metabolism by changing the stored fat to energy. Therefore after knowing the controversy of the usage of HCG drops, you can conclude now whether you want to order HCG drops or not now.

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