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[Q]  Can I eat carrots on the hcg diet?


  • Phase 1 : Eat all the carrots you want. :)
  • Phase 2 : Try not to eat any carrots at all, or as few as potable.
  • Phase 3: You should still try to eat very few or none at all due to the  starch but you can try working them back in to your diet more and more.

Avoid starchy vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, corn, any type of squash, beets, peas, and sweet potatoes.


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2 thoughts on “Can I eat carrots on the hcg diet?

  1. My name is Michelle. I will start my 2 load days tomorrow. Monday I will start my VLC days. I am a vegetarian and that leaves me with fewer choices. I love love love chewing on raw carrots. The crunch they give me are very satisfying. I hate celery.
    How much damage IYHO would it be to keep eating carrots.

    • To tell the truth, the first time I did the diet I lost about 30 lbs!

      In the time, I went for rather long walks and had pizza a few times (I love that stuff) . So I would say it would be better if you found something else to snack on BUT if you can. Well try them a few times and track your weight loss.

      If you keep losing weight you are good, if you slow down try and working out a little and if that does not work you might need to stop.

      I know the rules say not to eat them but. . . . . . Its your diet! 😉

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