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Are HCG injections for weight loss legal?

The simple answer is YES HCG injections or HCG pills are legal!

Well some medical doctors may chose not to use HCG for weight loss due to the FDA not recommending it, this just means that the FDA has not given proper testing to say it is an effective tool in weight loss.  This may be due to the price the testing will cost but the FDA has also not banned the use of HCG for weight loss.

If is interesting to note that many  forms diets that can be bought online or over the counter do not have the FDA backing.


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8 thoughts on “Are HCG injections for weight loss legal?

  1. Someone was telling me you can’t get HCG injections on the internet because it has to be approved by a doctor and she said the if internet says they are HCG it’s not. I’d just like to confirm that if I bought will it be real HCG. I only have maybe 15-20 lbs to lose. I’ve tried everything else out there. Now I’ve heard abt HCG but don’t want to pay yet another time for something that’s not real. Can’t afford to waste anymore money. If u can answer my question I’d appreciate so much. Also give me prices
    Thank you

    • I see you talked to James over email, sorry the comments dont get answered as fast.

      Yes, the drops work great and I see you and your friends are going to give it a try.

      No matter where you get your drops, please come back with any questions you might have.

      – Susan

    • Sorry , we only support drops here and have not done any research on where to buy shots online.

      We would not be able to give you any company that we would trust.

      – James

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