The HCG Diet, why are so many people lying about it?

The HCG diet has become quite a topic for people all around the web, from being talked about on CNN, NBC, ABC, FOX and even Dr. Oz has weighed in on this diet that was started over 30 years ago.  Most interviews with people saying they have tried the HCG diet turn out to be positive and dieters all around the world are happy they have tried the diet.

It seems that a lot of doctors are also getting behind the diet and even promoting the diet to their clients to help them start losing some weight.  With all this attrition you would think that the world would be 100% behind the diet.

There are two main reasons people are looking down on the diet and have a hard time believing that it truly works, these are the things I would like to take a moment to go over now.

Is 500 calories a day really safe?

First I want to cover the 500 calorie diet that goes along with taking HCG diet drops. There are a lot of people and doctors that say this is far too low as the minimal amount a human should eat is somewhere around 1200 calories a day.

While it is true that you should eat 1200 calories a day, we are not saying you should ever eat five hundred calories a day unless you are on the HCG diet.

See the diet drops keep you from going in to what is called starvation mode, and in fact the drops tell your body it is ok to start burring fat while you are eating so little.   This means that while you are eating so few calories a day, your body is in fast burning around 2000 to 2500 calories a day! This is where the weight loss starts.

Your health must come first!

On the same note, we understand that not everyone is the same and even with the aid of HCG you may not be able to do the 500 calorie diet. That is why there are also 800 and 1000 calorie diet protocols.

If you are going to do the diet we also suggest that you NEVER do the diet for more than 40 days and then take 4 weeks off before starting the diet again.

Who can you trust about the HCG diet?

The second thing that seems to be giving the HCG diet such a hard time is in fact its own success!  As more and more people learn about the HCG diet more and more companies start popping up offering drops.

While it is good to have a little compaction in any business, some people are plain and simple telling lies about the diet and offering drops that are not good.

This should really be broken up in to two different parts.

  • 1: What company to buy from
  • 2: Lies some tell about HCG drops

What companies should I but drop from?

As I said, there have been a lot of fly by night companies that have popped up looking to make a few dollars on sailing drops.  Most of the time this would not be a bad thing, but in the idea of saving money they are offering a product that is sometimes nothing more than water.

Where to buy HCG drops Online

Here at HCG Diet Team we care very much about your health, that is why I have tested some brands either myself or with close friends to see what drops work.

That is why we only promote a few brands of HCG.

There are other brands that we will support but these three brands get the highest ratting with us! All three brans cover some important ground when making and sailing drops.

  • FDA approved labs
  • Cost is low
  • Tested and work
  • GREAT support!

Lies that others tell to sale the HCG drops

Here is a small list of things others are saying that is not really true about true HCG drops.

  • Fat burning
  • Muscle Growth
  • Appetite Control
  • Higher Energy

Let’s take a moment to go over this list one by one so you can understand just what the HCG drops do and don’t do for you

HCG burns away fat

No, your body burns fat and HCG just lets your body know that it’s ok to keep burning it.  Anyone could lose fat just by eating five hundred calories a day, but doing so without the HCG drops could do real harm to your body.

It would also make your body think it is time to store all the fat it can, and after getting off a 500 calorie diet without HCG drops. You would start to gain a lot of weight.

HCG promotes muscle growth

HCG does nothing like this at all, I don’t even know where this started but when I saw this on an ad the other day I just had to say something.

The only true way to get muscle growth is to do it the old fashion way and work out.  Nothing but working muscles will help them grow, but it sure is a lot easier to work out with a few extra pounds. 😉

HCG will help control your appetite

This is half true but 100% hcg drops will not help control your appetite at all.  Some people add B12to there drops and it is true that vitamin b12 will help control your appetite.

What I suggest is that you buy plain HCG drops and then a bottle of vitamin b12 forms your local health store.  I have never been a fan of the HCG drops that have things added like vitamin and flavor.

HCG will incise your energy leaves.

Let’s be real here, you are eating 500 calorie a day and cutting a lot of things out of your diet that helps boost your energy levels such as.

  • Sugar
  • Energy drinks
  • Calories
  • And more

So you should plan that for the first week of the diet you will have a bit less energy, but after that you will start to leave out and began to feeling normal.

While, I hope this has answered a few questions and if you have more please ask in out forums or in the comments below.


The HCG Diet, why are so many people lying about it?

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