The HCG 500 Calorie Diet Plan

The 500 calorie diet is one of the most successful, very low calorie, diet that has ever been tested. It has been a means for people all over the world to lose weight for over thirty years.  While you can lose weight fast, and many people have found great success with keeping the weight off, there are things you should know before considering this fixed-calorie diet.

What to Eat

There are three phases to the HCG diet. On every phase, you are eating different styles of food. So,  I am going to cover the basics to the eating plans.

Phase 1:

Anything and everything you want.  For the next two days, you are free to eat whatever kind of food you would like.  Not only that, you are suggested to eat more than you would on a normal day.

 Phase 2:

  • Breakfast – Tea or coffee, 1 tablespoon 2% milk
  • Snack – 1 apple
  • Lunch -3.5 oz. chicken breast, asparagus, grissini breadstick
  • Dinner – 3.5 oz. steak, spinach, grissini breadstick
  • Snack – Handful of strawberries

The key here is to eat 500 calories a day, stay away from the food on the NO list, and only eat what is on the diet plan.

Phase 3:

Here you can eat just about anything you want, but you will want to stay at a normal calorie intake.

 Phase 4:

This is really is the rest of your life, you should start eating healthy and learn to change what you have been doing that has led to the extra weight in the first place.

Here are a few tips.

  • Stop eating fast food
  • Get water not soda
  • Late night snacks should be something very healthy and never after 8pm
  • The less sugar you have, the better

40 Consecutive Days

With the HCG 500 calorie diet, you will be doing a very low calorie diet. This can cause some stress for people and as we all know, stress can stop or slow weight loss.  It is very important that you remember why you want to lose weight and what you are doing this for.

For the next 40 days, you will be required to eat less, and drink lots of water.  Here are some tips to make sure you stay on track with the diet.

  • Drink lots of water
  • Plan ahead, most people who don’t plan dinner eat a unhealthy dinner
  • Cut up some fruit to snack on
  • Jell-O! :) Yes, there is a sugar free Jell-O that you can enjoy
  • Track your weight, 1 pound a day may not seem like much, but seeing your total at the end of the week is amazing

 Rapid Weight Loss

Losing so much weight, so fast, often throws people off. In turn, people think they can start cutting back.  No matter what you do, please follow the diet.  This is not just about losing weight. You are changing your body and retraining yourself for a better way of living.

If you lose weight now, your next goal is to keep the weight off. It is unhealthy to lose weight and put it back on.

Side Effects Could Be

There are some side effects that come with the diet. Most people, as I am sure you can guess, get very hungry when on the diet.  It is good to note that NO side effects come from using the HCG drops, but in fact come from eating only 500 calories a day.  This is the reason that some people chose to go with the 800 or 1000 calorie diet. While the weight loss will be less, it is easier for some people in the long run.

Warnings to Know

The most important warning I can give anyone is to NOT buy drops from local health stores or places like CVS, Wal-Mart and Walgreens!  I know it is tempting due to them costing so little, but you will end up doing a great deal of harm to your body.  Using HCG drops that have not been tested and are made by a quick start up company can really hurt you. Yes, you may lose weight, but it would be the same weight loss as if you did the diet without taking HCG drops.

Afterwards, you will put the weight back on and have a harder time losing it again.

Where and How to Start

To start, you should buy your HCG drops from one of the ads we have above and get ready for a new you!

Here are some things to think about and do while you are waiting for your drops.

  • Read a few HCG diet cook books
  • Plan your meals
  • Remove all foods you should not eat from your house
  • Mark your goals and use one of the weight trackers below

If you have any questions about the 500 calorie diet, please ask us below!

Stay healthy!


The HCG 500 Calorie Diet Plan

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