Love the Idea of Losing Weight for the Summer? Check This Out!

It’s obviously easy enough to cover any extra pounds from prying eyes using a chunky sweater, but only when the temperature allows it. And then there’s the issue of rising shirt sleeves and hemlines, which only tells us there’s no way to hide those pudges anymore. Here are some smart ideas to get into your summer shape without having to break any sweat.

Turn Off Your TV and Laptop Right Now

It all starts here. The idea of multitasking while eating only tells you that you will not be truly satisfied. Studies, where a portion of the participants are asked to eat while playing computer games and others who simply eat straight away without any distractions, have found out that those who “multitasked” still felt hungry afterwards. It’s as if nothing had really happened.

Drink Wisely

HCG 500 Calorie Diet

HCG 500 Calorie Diet

During hot days, it would be relaxing to entertain a few chilled sangrias or frozen margaritas just to get the better of all that heat. The problem is you just downed hundreds of calories as well, which means you have already (if not almost) lost track of your summer weight loss plan. Try tequila instead.

Nothing Substitutes a Good Night’s Sleep

Of course, no weight loss effort will ever be successful without a good and adequate sleep to reenergize our bodies. The lack of it only ruins your diet, and you’ll feel hungrier every step of the way. Let your body rest and recuperate, and it will do the rest for you.

Meal Planning

Taking time to think through what to eat and when to do it will put you in a good position to stay on the course with your diet agenda. Scientific studies and research have all the evidence to back it up. In a particular study aimed at encouraging healthy eating, participants were asked to eat more fruits for a whole week. Then there are those who really went out of their way by making meal plans, and at the same time visualizing how they will go through it. All indications pointed out they were able to achieve the objective of eating fruits for a whole week than those who ate fruits right away and tried harder while at it.

Do Not Fall for the Shoe Trick

If you’re thinking of cutting down your scheduled mile walks into half simply because you’ve got fancy toning MBT shoes, don’t! Researchers in their studies cannot find any significant changes and improvements in the burned calories, heart rates, or muscle activities when using them as compared to your regular running shoes.

Away with All Those “Diet” Food Stuff Containing Sugar Alcohols to Sweeten Them Up

They’ll only give you stomach bloating (check out “ol” on the endings of ingredients, like “sorbitol”). Watch out for breath mints and sugar-free gums as well. Turn to coffee instead; the caffeine in it will help speed up your metabolism.

Best of All, Stay Motivated

Weight loss may be an ideal and worthwhile objective, but it’s easy to find yourself falling off the wagon, going back to square one. If you’re looking for motivation, try jumping up and down in front of a mirror and look at all those ugly jiggling parts of you. That should give you plenty of motivation.




Love the Idea of Losing Weight for the Summer? Check This Out!

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