HCG used in fertility treatments to help get pregnant

HCG Women Fertility

If you are a women than HCG will cause ovulation approximately 36 hours after you take it!  HCG diet followers take  HCG drops to lose weight — a hormone produced by pregnant women — with extreme caloric restriction to lose weight, according to some doctors it is better known as a fertility drug, HCG also stimulates ovulation, according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Alternative medical practitioners, naturopathic doctors and weight-loss clinics endorse the HCG hormone as an effective appetite suppressant that aids in the metabolism of fat stores, according to the “Arizona Republic.” Although the diet does appear to work, the FDA has not approved it for use in a weight-loss capacity, and considerable controversy surrounds it.


HCG Men Fertility

HCG will increase the sperm count in men, in fact if taken for a few months it can take a man that is well below the fertility count to well above fertility count!

HCG used in fertility treatments to help get pregnant

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