HCG Diet and christmas day cheat?

This is a question I have been getting a lot in the past week so I just wanted to do a quick post to let people know the answer.

NO, there is no cheating on the HCG diet, no matter if it is Christmas or not.

Try to remember that well you are on the HCG diet you are changing the way your body acts to food and most of all changing the way you eat for a longer and healthy life.


If you cheat on the diet you will need to start all over, try to stay strong and do not forget your goals.

It can be hard but in the end it will be worth it, this is a great test and I hope all of you pass!

If you are looking for good Recipes you have a lot on this site and you should be able to find something good for you to cook and eat. If we do not have a Recipe that you are looking for or have one you think people would like to know please let us know about it and we will post it on the site.

After all we are all in losing weight together.


Hope you all have a happy and safe Christmas!

HCG Diet Team

HCG Diet And Christmas Day Cheat

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