Happy New Year | 2012 Resolutions | HCG Diet

The world is well in its way to 2012 and its time to start that diet you have been putting off.

It’s time again to set a goal and stick with it, this time we are here to help you get to that target weight and stay there. 😉

First off we here at HCG Diet Team hope everyone has/had a safe and fun New Years with loved ones and are ready to jump start this New Year.

If you are looking to drop weight this New Year we have a few tips for you to think about.

1: Find a diet that works and get friends to take it with you, we have seen more people stick to a diet and have success when they are not doing it alone.

2: Plan ahead and wright down your plans. Knowing in your head what you want done is not the same as having it down on paper.  Do you want to lose 5 pounds a week?  If so wright down your target and track your weight every day at the same time.

3: Take pictures every day! Pictures don’t lie and well the first week it may be hard to see a different ‘s if you are losing weight you will soon be able to see a better you in the pictures and that will help you stick with it.

4: Get ready to change the way you eat and start thinking about the food you are putting in your body.  Too many times we just eat eat eat and don’t think about how bad it is for us.  When you are wanting something to eat and don’t know what you want, grab an apple. 😉

5: Drink lots of water and clean out your house of all the bad foods.  You don’t just want to stop eating this food NOW, you want to cut a lot of the bad foods out of your diet for good!

No matter if your resolution it to lose 10 pounds or 40 pounds it is going to take time and be hard at times. You did not get over weight overnight so don’t think you will be back in shape overnight.

Think about it this way, in 6 months you can still be overweight OR you can be showing off the new you just in time for summer. 😉


Happy New Year Everyone

Happy New Year | 2012 Resolutions | HCG Diet

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year | 2012 Resolutions | HCG Diet

  1. hi,

    i was in periods from last 6 days and during those days my weight was constant, also i cheated a bit during those days, when again will i start loosing weight??

    • You will keep losing weight soon, and there may be a few days you lose a lot of weight. (2 to 3 pounds a day).

      When a women in on her menstrual cycle she hold a lot of water weight. So if you did things right you were still losing weight it just has not come off due to the water weight.

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