Get your Summer Beach Body with the 500 Calorie Diet Plan

the hcg diet

the hcg diet

The HGC 500 Calorie Diet Plan is a healthy way to reduce fat and gain muscle tone with a low calorie, fixed nutritional program.  It works in combination with the HCG dietary supplement that has recently gained more advanced recognition from the Dr. Oz Television program.   You can buy HCG online for a very affordable rate at

The Meal Program

There is a very strict agenda when it comes to the meals and foods that you can eat on the 500 Calorie Diet Plan.  For breakfast, you are allowed to drink all of the tea or coffee that you like, as long as you never include cream or sugar.

Lunch and Dinner is restricted to only 100 grams of lean meat, poultry or fish which can also include a small serving of vegetables, steamed without butter, cheese or sauces, a serving of fresh fruit and one breadstick for energy producing carbs.  Snacking in between means is against the rules of the program.

Other meats can include choices of seafood such as boiled shrimp, whitefish, lobster or crab.  Examples of vegetables would include cabbage, spinach, onions, radishes, cucumbers, celery, tomatoes and fresh green salads.  For fruit selections of the 500 Calorie Diet, you can choose from oranges, a handful of strawberries, a half of a grapefruit, or an apple.

Time Cycles

The HGC Diet Plan recommends that this diet be strictly enforced for no less than a 40 to 60 days cycle.  If you have not met your expected weight loss goals at the end of this phase, you can wait another 4 weeks before beginning another cycle.  Don’t forget to buy HCG online for best results.  The diet works in accordance with the supplement, and you will not want to run out in the middle of the 500 Calorie Diet program.

Weight Loss Effects

In general terms, the average person can lose 1 lb of weight by reducing 3500 calories from their diet.  Depending on your food consumption rates prior to the beginning of the HCG Diet, you will see varying results.   It is not uncommon to drop up to 10 pounds in the first few days of beginning the program.

Until you become accustomed to the new diet, you may experience some fatigue or moodiness, which is to be expected.  Others have experienced slight diarrhea or constipation as their bodies adjust to the new nutritional routine.  Stick with this 500 Calorie Diet and soon you will be beach body ready!

Get your Summer Beach Body with the 500 Calorie Diet Plan

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