Buying HCG Drops Online To Look And Feel Great

fit in to a new you

fit in to a new you

There comes a point in all our lives, where we notice we are piling on the pounds and will need to make changes to our eating habits to prevent this from spiralling out of control. Even if you are only slightly overweight, losing a few pounds can have many benefits, including:

  • Improved health and immune system
  • More energy and motivation
  • Reduces risk from heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes and even depression
  • Boost in confidence and able to wear the clothes you want

The main reason for losing weight however is to improve your overall health, not only for yourself, but also for your loved ones and children. It has been clinically proven that people who are overweight or obese are at much greater risk of developing severe health problems later on in life, and will also have much shorter life expectancies as a result.

Once you have made the decision that you need to shed the pounds, there are several methods and programmes which you can follow, however one of the latest trends sweeping the globe with many great successes is the HCG 500 calorie diet.

What Is The 500 Calorie Diet?


Buy HCG Drops Online

Buy HCG Drops Online

There are many variations of the 500 calorie diet, but the HCG version is the only one which not only promises results, but ensure you lose fat from the right areas.

Restricting your caloric intake to 500 calories per day might seem like a quick solution to weight loss, but doing this alone can have a negative effect by forcing your body to believe it is being starved and actually prevent fat loss from occurring. During this ‘starvation mode’, you will instead end up burning muscle mass, and although you will lose weight, you won’t be getting rid of the stored fat cells in your body, and still have areas of fat which are stubborn and hard to get rid of. Not only that, your physique will completely change, and it will be much harder to build this muscle afterwards.

When following the HCG 500 calorie diet, this doesn’t happen. HCG is a natural hormone which actually speeds up your metabolic rate, forcing your body to use energy from fat stored within your body, and not from your muscles.

Now you still may be thinking that 500 calories per day isn’t sufficient to function properly, but as your body is using up energy from stored fat, it is actually consuming thousands of calories per day. This ensures you have plenty of energy to get up and go about your day as normal – without any worries.

Typical weight loss from following the HCG diet has been reported to be 1-2lbs per day, with some dieters experiencing 0.5lbs per day, and others as much as 3lbs per day. This of course depends on your body and how much you have to lose, with bigger people generally hitting the higher end of the spectrum during the early stages.

What Can I Eat On The HCG Diet?

When following the HCG drops diet, you need to also make sure you stick to the list of required foods, and eat them in the portions as advised.

  1. Meats – You can eat any type of lean meat, up to 7 ounces per day only. All meats should have any visible fat completely removed. Meats allowed include chicken, beef, shrimp, white fish and lobster.
  2. Coffee And Tea – Surprisingly, drinking tea of coffee is actually encouraged due to the fact they contain virtually no calories, and help prevent the body from retaining water. A small amount of milk per day is allowed, but if you want sugar, you will have to use an artificial sweetener from the allowed list instead.
  3. Breads And Carbs are generally not allowed
  4. Fruits – Commonly the main source of food on other diets, these are restricted when using HCG. As fruits contain sugar, this can work against your diet efforts, so you are limited to 2 portions per day at most.
  5. Vegetables – It is highly recommended you eat two or more cupfuls of vegetables each day when following the HCG diet. These are not only going to be your main source of food, but they also contain various vitamins and minerals which your body will need during the strict diet phase.

How Do I Get Started?

hcg For Men And Women

hcg For Men And Women

The first thing you need to do is to find a reputable supplier of HCG. These can be purchased in 2 forms – HCG Injections and HCG Drops.

HCG Injections are said to be stronger, however they require the storage of needles and other cleansing equipment, and you will also have to make the solution yourself.

HCG Drops tend to be the more preferred of the two – due to their ease of use and the fact they are ready made. You won’t have to worry about injecting yourself, and you can also carry these with you when you go to work or go out. Studies have also found no correlation between the amount of fat loss and strength of HCG dosage used – which makes using drops over injections a no brainer!

There are several reasons why HCG drops are purchased online, and these generally are:-

  1. Most local pharmacies and health clinics don’t provide HCG in any form. Some will also require a prescription from your doctor before ordering them in for you. Online websites on the other hand will have plenty of the solution in stock ready to be dispatched, can do so without a prescription, and will deliver to most countries.
  2. Some countries have banned the sale of HCG locally whilst they conduct their own tests and studies. This means that purchasing online is the only real way of acquiring it, so in the meantime you will need to buy HCG drops online.
  3. When you buy from an online HCG supplier, you can check out their credentials to make sure they are licensed and also supply authentic HCG drops. Many popular sites will also have plenty of reviews from other buyers and dieters – so you can check these out to make sure the company you are dealing with is credible and trustworthy.

Look And Feel Amazing In Under 30 Days

When following the HCG diet, you can lose on average 30lb’s in 30 days – how many other diets promise that!

The diet is very simple to follow – you simply stick to a pre-determined list of foods as outlined when you purchase your HCG drops, and take these with every meal. Follow this for up to 40 days for rapid and effective weight loss, which will show instant results which last!

You will not only look great, but feel great too, have plenty more energy and motivation in life, improved sleep and huge amounts of confidence, allowing you to tackle anything in life head on.


Buying HCG Drops Online To Look And Feel Great

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