How often can you do the hcg diet?

Some people wish to do a diet until they get the target weight they are aiming for but with the HCG diet you do not want to go over 40 days on the diet.

After the 40 (forty) days on the hcg diet you should wait 6 (six) weeks to start the diet again.  Well some people will not wait that long I would not suggest going under 4 (four) weeks before starting another round of the diet.

Why don’t you want to stay on the HCG diet for more than 40 (forty) days?

Like most if not all things if you take the HCG diet for too long your body will begin to build an immunity to the hormone.   This will lead to the drops or shots not working as well as they use to OR stop working all together.

This is also the reason you will want to take a short break before starting the hcg diet again. On top of that you need to give your body a break and time to get use to the new you.

Us this time to run and work out more well you can enjoy more food, this will keep your body burning fat and help you get in to better shape faster.



How often can you do the hcg diet?

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    • No, the maintenance stage is just as important as any other stage.

      Trust me, a lot of people gain weight back because they want to skip the maintenance stage.

      This is a good time for you to practice better eating habits.

    • I would than like to carry out the six week peogram but Im affraid of building up an immunity to it!

      • As long as you are doing the diet as you should and not taking to many drops you will be fine going for the 6 week program. :)

        Do not stress about building an immunity, you will be just fine, and keep up the great work.

        HCG Diet Team

    • I was told with the six week program that you only take the drops six days out of the week and go off them for 1 day so theres no fear of building immunity to them, Is this so?

      • Are you required to eat all of your fruits,protiens and veggies throughout the day? Some days I’ve only ate one fruit and sometimes only one veggie! I was also told to hold the drops under your tongue for 5 min instead of 1 and not to mix your veggies! This can be sometimes confusing?

  1. No, you will want to take them for the full 6 weeks and then start the maintenance stage.

    There is also no need to hold them under your tongue for 5 min, everything stays the same as far as what to eat and how to take them.

  2. Okay, I need some help here. I started the hcg diet on April 12th. Then on April 25th i gave up. I want to know when is a good time i can get back on as soon as possible.

    • Due to the short time you were on the diet I say now is a good time to start! :)

      Keep us updated on how well you are doping and please feel free to join the forum with any questions.

      • I started the HCG, but am taking a 5 day break from it because I was having a hard time getting going. When I start back , do I still have to load for 2 days, or can I just keep going?

        • You should really do the load days, over the next 5 days your body will get back to normal and before starting the 500 calorie a day eating you will need to make your body think its getting more calories.


          Good luck!

  3. Can you weigh the protein cooked? If so, how much does it usually weigh?
    My b/s is too high when I eat fruit so I have substituted an egg whit per fruit, is this OK?

    • You should weigh the food raw, and each meat weighs a different amount.

      Yes, it is okay to eat eggs on the HCG Diet.

      But… and this is an important But – Eating eggs on the HCG Diet is not something that you should do every single day. However, when you do eat eggs, you are better off mainly eating egg whites. This is because Egg Yolks contain so much fat. Which brings us to the next question…

    • This is a hard answer, it really depends on how much you took before, but before you start the diet again, how long have you been off the diet and how many drops did you take a day the last time?

      Most weight gain is due to the way we eat, I have done the diet and after losing 30 pounds I started to gain some weight back (5 pounds) after a few months.

      This was due getting back in the habit of eating fast food and out a lot.

      • I noticed that the reason I gain weight back is that I don’t do P 4 correct. I keep trying to follow the no carb same food diet as I did on P3. Be sure that you are uping your calories back up into the 1400-1700 range and then add in one thing at a time and wait for two days to see what your body does with it, and then do it again. If you do not do this you will get an out of control weight spike and gain it all back plus some. We often need to reexamine our beliefs around food and what really causes us to gain weight and what doesn’t.

  4. I initially lost 75 lbs on HCG. I am seeing a pattern of gaining about 15 lbs back, doing HCG for 23 days, losing and then gaining back 15 lbs. usually within 3-4 months. I do the followup of no starches and no sugar, but soon I am gaining again. I am starting it again and I am concerned that I am using it as a crutch and I am concerned that it is not good for my health. I know it says in the protocol that Dr. Simeons said that if a patient gained weight they would happily come back for HCG because it is so successful. Any suggestions?

  5. I forgot to mention that I began the diet in May of 2009, lost the weight in two rounds and have kept it off for three years, doing the diet every 4-6 months.

  6. I have been on this diet four times. Each time I lost 12 lbs and gained about 5 back after three months. I am wanting to do it again but my family says NO…I am 76 and now weigh 140. I feel so much better at 130. Should I go for it again? I think I gain weight again because I do not burn up calories and need to stay under 1200 a day to stay at my weight…but that is no fun…..I have Multiple sclerosis and do not get around much, thus the sedentary kind of lifestyle…BUT I HATE BEING OVERWEIGHT AND FEEL SO GOOD AT 130 OR LESS…Can this stuff kill me eventually????? LOL

    • If you have done it 4 times and are still alive, I think its safe to say you will will ok to do it again.

      Just be careful and make sure you watch yourself! If anything you can try going to the 800 calorie diet, this will be a little more safe and you will no lose as much weight.

  7. I was on the hcg in march and april. I lost the 20 pounds I wanted. Now I want to go back on and lose more. Can i do this?

    • YES!!

      Its good to hear the diet has worked so good for you!

      You should take before and after pictures and post them in our forums. :)

      But you are 100% ok to go back on the diet, check out our ads at the top of this site to get a great deal when buying HCG drops.

  8. I am on my 28th day and have lost 20 pounds. I will do my phase 3 then onto phase 4. I want to start another round a.s.a.p. as I am still 35 pounds over a healthy weight. Can I do only 26 days on phase 2 as opposed to the 34 days phase 2 I will soon finish? There will be many obstacles for me if I do the 34 days.

  9. Thanks for the information. I am pleased with my weight loss and do not feel I am having any problems losing. I will have 2 cheat days around my 17th day of the 26 day phase. I am not happy about that but I am committed to attending a convention with hubby then. I believe this can set meback at least 2 days, but I will try to be diligent about avoiding starches and sugars and huge fatty items. I am not happy about this situation. On this schedule of 26 days for phase 2, I will be on phase 3 for our Christmas eating season which last 10 days in our area of Canada. I can manage to live through that on my stability phase. Then it will be followed by healthy living until I get to our resort in March. I have to visualize my weeks ahead to keep everything in the right perspective.

    • :) Very cool! Most people dont get that while losing weight and even after losing weight there are real life changes that need mead and sometime we have to give up a few things we like.

      I want to say congrats on making changes to better you health! If you want we would love for you to give a quick testimonial about the HCG diet!

      More people need to hear how great you are doing!

  10. As I get further along the way I will write up a testimonial for your site. I think I read that I can substitute 100 grams of N.F. cottage cheese for my protein in one of my meals. Don’t know if this is accurate. Can you advise me on this. Thanks

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