Walgreens and CVS Remove HCG Drops from Shelves


This weekend for the New Year I was looking to pick up some HCG Diet and wanted to check out the deals they had going on at some of the local drug stores. After running in and out of a few Walgreens and CVS stores I found 1 bottle left. At first I thought they were just out due to it being the New Year and lots of people wanting to lose weight.


After I got to checking out they told me they could not sale me this product and all of them should have been taken down.

This was a little odd as I know it’s still ok to sale the HCG diet drop and the one I was getting was of a top brand in the USA.

Well I have not had time to check other places but I was told that Rite Aid would also be pulling the diet out of the stories all around the USA.

So far this is the list I have of places that are pulling the HCG diet.

  • Walgreens
  • CVS
  • Rite Aid

It has also be hinted at that Wal-Mart would also pull the diet but I have not stopped by to see yet.

If this is true than shopping online may become your only way to get the HCG Diet soon.  I was able to find a store that still had a GREAT stock left and they seem to feel they have not problem getting more.

So if you are in Las Vegas I and want to start the HCG Diet soon please feel free to contact me and I will give you the address of the company.

If you know any other places that are pulling the diet feel free to comment and letthe rest of the readers know.

It would seem that the further of the HCG Diet is still up in the air and not to many people are clear on what to do.

I suggest this, if you are going to start the diet soon you should go grab some now well you know it’s around.  Do the research and you will see that it has worked for millions of people around the world.


With that said hope everyone had a great New Year and we look forward to hearing from you all!


Walgreens and CVS Remove HCG Drops from Shelves

5 thoughts on “Walgreens and CVS Remove HCG Drops from Shelves

  1. There’s nothing “up in the air” about homeopathic hCG being pulled from ALL shelves. It’s an illegal form of the prescription drug hCG and thus cannot be sold over-the-counter. It’s like saying you can sell homeopathic Lipitor or homeopathic steroids or homeopathic phenol barbitol–all controlled substances, all illegal to sell over – the- counter. The only place you can legally get hCG is via prescription from a doctor and fulfilled by a licensed pharmacy. If your doctor demands you buy your hCG only from her/his office, then he/she is also breaking the law (as she/he wants to collect the substantial markup on the product but likely does not have a drug-dispensing license.)

    Go to http://www.fda.gov and search on hCG and you’ll find the enforcement letters for manufacturers to stop making homeopathic hCG and anyone to stop selling it. Period.

    • I did say “the further of the HCG Diet is still up in the air” as I have talked to a few people that are wanting to fight this and looking in to ways to bring it back.

      Now I am the last person to be fighting over weather or not the FDA should pull HCG BUT I do think the diet works so I will still support it and hope this gets turned around soon.

      1: I have seen the diet work.
      2: Eating very little food for 30 days seems to be better than being over weight for years.
      3: This diet is being pointed out as saying it does not work. I am willing to go with anyone down to a CVS ans show them other diets that are no more than vitamin b12.

      I was not able to find any letters as to them pulling it so but I do remember the FDA giving the companies so many days to come up with a fix.

      I have even heard of a company wanting to make a HCG FREE hCG diet. . . . (not sure how that works)

      But my point is, I am hoping people find a way to keep HCG around and that the FDA is not targeting this diet for other reasons.

      • Spenda does not contain Aspertain (spelling is incorrect) like the Pink and the Blue packets contain. NOT sure why one of your posters said it was bad. Stivia is hard to fins and is more expensive. Just Sayin :)

        • Spelling fixed: “Splenda does not contain Aspartame”


          But you are right, Splenda does not contain aspartame but it is a chemical substitute for sugar and is still harmful to the body. It is a proven carcinogen as aspartame is.

          I am not sure where someone (or me) said this but if you are know where that information is on this site please let me know and I will fix it ASAP.

          Thank You!

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