HCG Diet at Walgreens

Walgreens use to carry the HCG diet in both pill form and HCG diet drops, but due to the FDA sending warning letters to their suppliers they were forced to stop at the beginning on the year.

Walgreens use to carry a brand called “The HCG Solution Diet” and after they were pulled about 90% of all Walgreens stopped selling the diet just about at the beginning of 2012.

This did not stop the company “The HCG Solution Diet” from making drops or trying to market them in a new way.

Now “The HCG Solution Diet” has what is called a Hormone-Free drop that has never been tested and many believe will do the body harm.  Seeing that the Hormone-Free drops are not really HCG you will likely run the risk of keeping your body from getting all the calories that is needed.

Never should you try a Hormone-Free drop well-being on a 500 calorie diet.

If you are shopping and looking to buy HCG drops, Walgreens is one place you should stay away from.

HCG Diet at Walgreens

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